How do I apply for a room?

Simply click or tap “Apply now” and submit your application. You will need a form of ID (state or license) to apply. It’s that easy! Apply for your room today!

What does each room come with?

Each room comes with the following Pink Dorms amenities: Private desk and Chair, Comfy Bedding, Private bathroom, Microwave, Mini-fridge, A/C unit, Radiated Heat, and a window view!

What should I bring?

Your personal clothing, outerwear and shoes. Bathroom and personal grooming toiletries. Electronics of your choice (laptop, mobile phone, chargers, etc.) Alarm clock, calendar, and personal décor items to make this room your own! You can post anything to the walls using command strips or removable hanging items that do not require drilling into the walls.

What is the minimum stay?

Our minimum stay for all rooms is 30 days.

What is the maximum stay?

We do not have a maximum stay.

How do I pay for housing?

Housing is paid for prior to move-in. We find wire transfers or direct deposits to be the safest way to accept payments. We occasionally accept credit card payments, but management must approve first. Checks are accepted but must have cleared prior to move-in. We currently do not accept cash payments.

What is the key deposit for? How can I pay?

The key deposit fee covers the cost of your front door key as well as your room key. We accept electronic or cash payments and the deposit is later returned to you when you return your keys when you move-out.

Can I extend my stay? How can I extend my stay?

When you apply to Pink Dorms, you apply for a specific number of months stay and our booking revolves around your requested dates. If you choose to extend your stay this will be on an as-available basis as we may have already re-booked your room based on your initial application. If you decide you want to extend your stay, please notify our management office ASAP in order to see if we can accommodate your request. We would be happy to have you stay with us if space permits it!

Is there laundry in unit?

We do not have a laundry in unit but we do have one two doors down at Joe’s Laundromat where Pink Dorms residents receive 15% off!

Additionally we have other laundromat’s nearby such as:

M&N Cleaners: 207 E 14th St, New York, NY 10003, Open 8am-6pm every day except Sunday

G&M Laundromat: 336 E 13th St, New York, NY 10003, Open 8am-9pm every day except Sunday ( 9am-8pm ).


How will my roommate be picked?

Roommates are selected by Pink Dorms staff based off the following: age, school attending, hobbies, and application specifications. If you have anything you do or do not want in a roommate, please let us know in your application and we will do our best to accommodate.

Can I pick my own roommate?

Typically, we leave the roommate selection to our amazing Pink Dorms staff. You will have plenty of time to bond with your friends while here with us. We feel you may benefit from our selection process as you meet women from around the world and learn about different cultures and make new friends. You may apply with someone else for a same day move-in and we will do our best to accommodate.


What is arrival day like?

Our RA or Pink Dorms Staff will meet you at your Pink Dorms building on your very first day! We will provide you with a front door key and a room key, as well as give you another tour of the building facilities to reacquaint you with all Pink Dorms has to offer! (See above for information on key deposits) You will then be escorted to your room and e-mailed welcome information that provides information on Pink Dorms policies as well as some insight into the neighborhood. Now you are all set to move in and enjoy your stay at Pink Dorms!


What is departure day like?

On your departure day, you will be expected to be moved out by noon. Please be sure to remove all personal items as anything you leave behind will be donated to Pink Dorms or thrown out. Please throw away all food and trash and make sure to leave the refrigerator clear and clean.

Please leave your keys (front door and room key) under your pillow for our Pink Dorms staff to collect. Once your keys have been collected, your room key deposit will be returned to you.

Make sure to answer our short survey about your stay here and post a review to our website or social media accounts about your stay with us!


How do I receive mail?

At Pink Dorms Union Square: Your mail arrives to the building and is placed in a white bin near the front door. Our RA then sorts the mail and places in a white box under the stairs where you can gather at your convenience. Should you be needing to get to your mail faster, please feel free to find your mail in the white bin as well.

What is security like?

We take safety very seriously here at Pink Dorms! We have every main area (front door and lobbies) monitored by security camera’s 24/7! We have a strict woman only policy in our building and find it creates an atmosphere of safety and comfort for our resident family. Because of this policy we ask that you meet any delivery-men or post-men outside the dorm instead of having them come inside.

Are there restrictions in terms of age?

Pink Dorms houses women between the ages of 18 and 27 as we try to maintain a college-friendly space for students from all walks of life.

Is there kitchen access?

We do not offer kitchen access, but each room is equipped with a microwave and mini-fridge for your convenience.

Is Wi-Fi offered/included?

We provide high-speed Hotel-grade Wi-Fi for all rooms for FREE!